Software for Computing Steiner Trees

The GeoSteiner package solves the following NP-hard problems: The code is written in ANSI C and requires no supplementary software or libraries. The code makes heavy use of linear programming (LP); the public domain LP-solver lp_solve is included (in a significantly modified form). However, the package also supports CPLEX, a proprietary product of the ILOG division of IBM Inc., which is one of the fastest and most robust LP-solver available.

Would you like to see a large Steiner tree? Here is the optimal solution for the 10000 point Euclidean instance in the OR-Library .


David Warme, Group W, Inc., Virginia, USA
Pawel Winter, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Martin Zachariasen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark


GeoSteiner 5.1

Unpack the downloaded (gzip'ed tar) file by using the command

gtar xzvf geosteiner-5.1.tar.gz
or by using the sequence of commands
gunzip geosteiner-5.1.tar.gz
tar xvf geosteiner-5.1.tar
Please read the LICENSE, README and INSTALL files carefully (in the given order).

Manual for latest version: geosteiner-5.1-manual.pdf

Previous versions: GeoSteiner 5.0.1 GeoSteiner 5.0 (GeoSteiner 4.0 was a commercial product.) GeoSteiner 3.1 GeoSteiner 3.0

Steiner tree problem instances: Problem Instances.

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